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With Memorize·It Word By Word you will quickly memorize scripture, poetry, lyrics or lines? Memorize·It Word By Word was developed specifically for this purpose. A unique application with a unique method to help you memorize. Give it a try and you'll be reciting your favorite bible verse or poetry when you need it most. Your friends will all be amazed.

You can purchase Memorize·It Word By Word for only $19.99 and receive a license key via e-mail. If you would like to purchase it on cdrom, we have options available.

How to memorize scripture, poetry and lyrics?

It's simple. Using any text we show only a portion at a time while you try and guess what's on the rest of the line, or on the next line. Move through the text a few times and you are sure to be on your way to have it memorized.

This is a screen shot of the program. You can download Word By Word and try it for free for 15 days. For more information, please check our overview page. You'll be well on your way to having your favorite scripture, lyrics and poetry memorized.

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